Strategist & Presenter


Six students represented the University of Kansas in its first run at the National Student Advertising Competition.



Develop a marketing campaign that drives Ocean Spray brand relevancy (across both food and beverages) for 24- to 34-year olds through salience, differentiation and meaningfulness. Ownability was the number one judging criteria. 


24- to 34-year-olds want to take on life’s risks, but are tethered to reality as they tackle a turbulent, transitional life stage between youth and adulthood. A conflict exists in that they haven't let go of their adventurous desires to try something new, but simultaneously know their limits.


Drive relevancy by tying life's nuanced complexity to the agreeably sharp experience of Ocean Spray's main differentiating asset—tartness. Communicate that Ocean Spray's unique taste can fulfill millennials' desires for both risk and practicality.


Life is Tart: Savor the Experience with Ocean Spray

The Team

Account: Hannah Ritland

Strategy: Anthony George & Natalie Craig

Creative: Riley Messina, Tori Rubinstein & Ryan Kuchinskas 

Media: David O'Hara


Executive Director of Creative Strategists

previous Strategist


The Agency is a full-service, student-run advertising agency operated out of the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I entered The Agency as a strategist in 2015 and was promoted to an executive position in 2017 due to my leadership skills, determination and quality of work.

The University Daily Kansan


The University Daily Kansan is the University of Kansas's student-run news organization. The UDK also consists of several sub-brands, including a housing service (RockChalkLiving.com) and Lawrence diner guide (785).


After over 110 years of publication, the University Daily Kansan (UDK) struggled to maintain readers and ad revenue. They tasked The Agency with strategizing a complete brand overhaul that would increase relevance among students and faculty.


‚ÄčStudents don’t know what the UDK has to offer that they can’t get elsewhere because:

  1. The UDK lost sight of its purpose and unique product offering: to provide university stakeholders with campus-specific news.

  2. The UDK didn't position itself prominently enough on the platforms that younger generations frequent for news. 

  3. The brand needed structure and focus, having four dissimilar variations of its name being used across campus as well as several sub-brands with insufficient ties back to the umbrella brand (i.e. RockChalkLiving.com and 785)


Position the UDK as the most altruistically student-centric entity on campus. This includes streamlining the name and developing a content review system to ensure published material is directly relevant to its audience.

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The Team

Account: Emily Cvitanov & Madison Graves

Strategy: Anthony George, Ashley Couch & Jessica Kahmann

Creative: Rithwick Chary 

Steam Whistle Creative Launch Event


Steam Whistle Creative is The Agency's creative branch. It produces unconventional promotional content without jeopardizing The Agency’s clean-cut, nothing-but-business brand identity. I was part of the six-member team that constructed the brand from the ground up and executed its launch.


To launch SWC and spark awareness among students, faculty and alumni. 


Plan an unconventional launch event that was bold and in-your-face, but with a delicate side that screams safe for children aged six to thirteen.


A derby-themed croquet tournament on the front lawn of the journalism school. We timed the event to begin at the sound of the KU steam whistle. The event was attended by students, faculty and alumni. We supplemented the launch event with the release of a KU steam whistle ringtone that has raised additional funds through iTunes. 


The launch event drew local news attention and earned SWC its first client—People's Bank of Lawrence.  Since the event, the 99-cent ringtone has made over $400.

The Team

Account: Jaden Scott & Erica Hines

Strategy: Lauren Katz & Anthony George

Creative: Erica Hines  

Video Production: Luke Huttner