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The automobile industry is quickly innovating past the traditional gas-powered engine. This could threaten Mustang’s “cool factor,” much of which is derived from traditional features (e.g. the sound) that may not be present in future models.




Customer Experience


Make Mustang drivers feel unstoppably cool—just like Steve McQueen—no matter what’s powering their pony car.


Confident Connectors already feel unstoppably cool when they’re in their car. But, drivers are removed from their identity as Mustang drivers—and thus the confidence and sense of community that come with it—when they are outside of their vehicle.


MyStang: The keychain that gives drivers access to their Mustang identity anytime, anywhere.

Device Capabilities:

  • Beacon lights up when within 20 feet of another MyStang keychain

  • Mustang microsite with achievements and community record board

  • Unifying symbol for all Mustang drivers

  • Customized color and model to match individual's car

  • Bluetooth tracker to find lost keys

Target Audience

Confident Connectors: Young drivers who buy Mustang for the confidence, but stay for the community.


Make Mustang identity go further by increasing opportunities to connect with their car outside of their vehicle. 

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