Strategist & Presenter


The QSR category is saturated (traffic growth is below 1%). In addition, Dairy Queen treat sales are flat despite that US ice cream and treat sales being up 26%. With few new customers in the category and stagnant treat sales, DQ needed a new attraction to draw customers from competitors. We presented our innovation to DQ's CMO on July 26, 2018.

Product Innovation


To (1) deeply understand a distinct audience for DQ outside of its current millennial target. Then (2) create a DQ campaign that includes a product innovation designed to reached that specific audience first, and then all of pop culture second.

Target Audience

With ever-increasing spending power and influence on pop culture, Generation Z is the most viable target for DQ—specifically a subgroup we call Identity Engineers. An Identity Engineer is a 14- to 20-year-old mini personal brand manager who is so invested in the person she appears to be on social media that she is constantly on the lookout for content that mimics the aspirational lifestyle posts of her favorite influencers.


Our Identity Engineer is obsession with sharing—sharing her food, sharing her experiences and sharing what she’s sharing on social media to develop her personal brand.


Create a hyper-sharable Blizzard worthy of best friendship and a billion likes.


The Halfsies Blizzard

Meet Our Identity Engineer

Introducing the Halfsies Blizzard

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The Team

Account: Kailey Micek & Maddie Stanze

Strategy: Anthony George

Art Direction: Christine Orzechowski

Copywriting: Sienna Forsyth & Caleb Ledbetter

Graphic Design: Katelynn Maloney & Sienna Forsyth

Video Production: Ty Cassutt

Public Relations: Sruthi Dhulipala & Abigail Brinkmann