My job is just an accumulation of all the things that I already loved doing.

Speaking in memes

Just like any responsible Gen-Z, I need to constantly update my mental encyclopedia of viral videos and general internet buffoonery. Culture is created in our feeds, so one could argue my two-hour TikTok spirals make me a better planner. 

Judging books by their covers

Ogilvy famously asked a coworker, “Suppose your gallbladder has to be removed. Would you chose a surgeon who has read some books on anatomy or one who relies on his intuition?” I want to be the best at what I do, so I read a lot. Check on some of my favs here →

Doing more with less

I call myself a minimalist. My friends say I just can't decorate my apartment. Whether it's furniture, art, clothes or creative briefs, I love when something simple is so thoughtful and powerful that it demands attention. 

Getting the hell out of Dodge

I've spent the majority of my life in Kansas—which, surprise, can get a bit humdrum—so I like to explore what else the world has to offer. I’m fascinated by unique cultures, foods, architecture and the diverse points of views they influence. For me, travel is an exercise in empathy.